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They Say

by Alex Pangman

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Sing You Sinners (Coslow/Harling) You sinners drop everything, Let that harmony ring, Up to heaven and sing, Sing you sinners. Just wave your arms all about, Let the Lord hear you shout, Pour that music right out, And Sing you sinners. Wherever there's music that old devil kicks, He don't allow music by the River Styx. Oh you're wicked and you're depraved, And you've all misbehaved. If you wanna' be saved, Sing you sinners!
Daddy Won't You Please Come Home. (Sam Coslow) Night after night I'm calling, Daddy won't you please come home? Daddy won't you please come home, I'm so lonesome. No one can fill that vacant chair, Home isn't home when you're not there. No need to knock, the door is open for you. Sweet Daddy, even the clock is ticking, Daddy won't you please come home? Daddy won't you please come home, so very long! There's lots of other new sheiks who would like to be sheikin' Haven't slipped yet but I'm liable to weaken. Daddy, daddy won't you please come home!
They Say 03:52
They Say They say, you have no lips for a fool such as I. They say, you just believe in hello then goodbye. And they say that the one I admire isn't even remotely concerned. And that I'll go on playing with fire, until I have learned, My heart has been burned They say, I shouldn't dream of your face in the moon They say, all of my dreams will be nightmares too soon. Let them talk, let them think what they want to. If it makes them feel happy that way, 'Cause I know, I'll always love you, No matter what they say.
I'm One Hundred Percent For You (Parish. Oakland, Mills) I've belonged to you ever since your heart, Thrilled me with a thrill that was new. I'll do anything to convince you heart, I'm a hundred percent for you. It would surely be very small of me, If my love for you was untrue. So I'm advertising that all of me Is one hundred percent for you. 98%? No Sir! 99%? No Sir! Gonna' be content, Yes sir! Satisfied with you by my side. You're the only one who can boss my heart, You're the only one who will do. Honestly and truly and cross my heart, I'm a hundred percent for you.
Without That Man (Walter Donaldson) Without that man, I can't get happy. Without that kiss I can't miss just feeling blue. Without that man, I'm nearly crazy. I'm in a fog, (yes) in a fog The whole night through. The days are so lonely, The nights are so long, My heart is so heavy, Seems everything's wrong. There's no today, There's no tomorrow. I might forgive but I can't live, Without that man.
We Three 05:22
We Three (Robertson, Mysels, Morris) We three, we're all alone, Living in a memory. My echo, my shadow, and me. We three, we ain't a crowd, We ain't even company, My echo, my shadow, and me. Say, what good is the moonlight, That silvery moonlight, Shinin' from a light up above. I walk with my shadow I talk with my echo, But where's the one that I love. Oh we three, will wait for you, Even an eternity, My echo, my shadow, and me.
Love Me Tonight (Crosby, Washington, Young) Oh what a night for a sweethearts, Stars in the sky above. This is our chance for sweet romance. Let's make this a night of love... Here we are together, The moon is hanging low, There's magic in it's silvery light. It seems to say the time is right, Love me tonight. Life is so uncertain, And no one seems to know, How long we have to linger on. Tomorrow we may both gone, Love me tonight. Oh let me feel your arms, And let me feel your kiss. Then if this great big world must end, Let it end like this. My lips are yours forever, my heart is in your hand My love is yours to have and hold. Don't want until the moon is old, Love me tonight.
Let Yourself Go (Berlin) Come get together, Let the dance-floor feel your leather Step as lightly as a feather, Let yourself go. Come hit the timber, Loosen up and start to limber Can't you hear that hot marimba, Let yourself go. Let yourself, Relax and let yourself go, Relax, you've got yourself tied up in a knot, The night is cold but the music's hot, So come, cuddle closer, Don't you dare to answer "No Sir!" Butcher, banker, clerk and grocer Let Yourself Go.
I'll Never Say Never Again, Again (Woods) I'll never say never again, again, Cause here I am in love again, Head over heels again with you. I'll never say never kiss you again, Cause here I am kissing you again, That's just the thing I said I'd never do. I walked away and said I'd die, Now I was hasty wasn't I? But it's all over now, throw my hat in the sky! I'll never say never again, again, Cause here I am in love again Heads over heels again with the same sweet you.
Here We Are 04:52
Here We Are (Kahn and Warren) I hate to think what might have been if we had never met The weary days, the lonely nights are easy to forget. Since I am here, and you are here with me.... Here we are, You and I. Let the world, Hurry by. Even while I waited somehow dear I knew, You'd find me, I'd find you. Here we are, Alone together What matter's weather, We wander far? And though we haven't got a bank full We can still be thankful That here we are.
No Regrets 04:07
No Regrets (Tobias Ingraham) No regrets, Because our love affair has gone astray. No regrets, Sweetheart I'll always care though you're away. I know our happy ending ended suddenly, Still in my heart you'll be, forever mine. No regrets, Because somebody new looks good to you. No regrets, Sweetheart, no matter what you say or do. I know our love will linger when the other love forgets, So I'll say goodbye with no regrets.
Three Little Words (Kalmar and Ruby) Three words in my dictionary I never could see. But to my vocabulary, I've added these three. I'm waiting for someone To show them to me... Three little words Oh what I'd give for that wonderful phrase. To hear those Three little words That's all I'd live for the rest of my days. And what I feel in my heart may tell sincerely, No other words can tell it half so clearly. Three little words, Eight little words, That simply mean, "I love you"!
Moon Ray 05:42
Moon Ray (Shaw, Madison, Quenzer) Moon ray, Cast your spell upon my lover, Under this starlit cover, Use all your magic charms. Moon ray, Let your sweet enchantment bind him, Then I shall wait to find him, Here in my lonely arms. Once we knew the joy, Of girl in love with boy, But he made a toy of romance. So moon ray, Put an end to all my sorrow, Bless me with sweet tomorrow, (And) Bring back my love to me.
After You've Gone (Creamer and Layton) Now won't you listen honey While I say. How can you tell me that you're going away? Don't say that we must part. Don't break my aching heart. You know I loved you dear for many years, Loved you night and day. How can you leave me? Can't you see my tears? Listen while I say.... After you've gone and left me crying, After you've gone there's no denying, You'll feel blue and you'll feel sad. Baby miss the bestest pal you ever had. There'll come a time, now don't forget it. There'll come a time when you'll regret it Someday when you grow lonely. Your heart will break like mine and you'll want me only After you've gone, baby, away. After I'm gone, after we break up, After I'm gone, you're gonna wake up. You will find that you were blind To let somebody come and change your mind. After the years we've been together. Their joy and tears, all sorts of weather. Someday when you grow lonely, Your heart will break like mine, and you'll want me only. After I'm gone, after I'm gone away. You'll miss your red-headed Mamma, after I'm gone.
Can't We Walk It Over (Young and Washington) We were so in love the day love started Who would ever think we'd soon parted I just can't believe that it's true So I make this appeal to you. Can't we talk it over, let's talk it over, Before you tell me we're though. Can't we sit together, and figure whether, This is the right thing to do. I hate the thoughts of spending nights all alone, Missing the thrill of nights that we've known. Can't we talk it over, before it's over, Before you whisper, Goodbye forever, Let's talk it over dear.


This was the debut album from Canadian vocalist Alex Pangman. Recorded in Toronto Canada in 1998, an all-star cast of specialist in performing period jazz were assembled for this list of tunes the young singer had assembled. Her voice floats on top of a mighty band. Bix biographer and skillful trumpeter Dick Sudhalter leads the charge with Brit Steve Mellor on clarinet, while the rhythm section is comprised of producer Jeff Helaey on acoustic Lang-style guitar, New Orleans' John Royen on striding piano, with Colin Bray and Steve Torrico playing period bass and drums. Healey wrote, "I have rarely been so knocked out by a first impression of a singer as I was Alex Pangman" March 1999.

For dancers, beats per minute
196 BPM Sing You Sinners
138 BPM Daddy Won't You Please Come Home
109 BPM They Say
147 BPM 100% For You
117 BPM Without That Man
84 BPM We Three
94 BPM Love Me Tonight
190 BPM Let Yourself Go
151 BPM I'll Never Say Never Again, Again
132 BPM Here We Are
130 BPM No Regrets
193 BPM Three Little Words
95 BPM Moon Ray
95 & 220 BPM After You've Gone
77 BPM Can't We Talk it Over


released September 9, 1999

Alex Pangman and Her International Swing All Stars
Alex Pangman vocals
Richard Sudhalter, cornet
Jeff Healey, guitar, producer (& trumpet track 14)
Steve Mellor, clarinet
John Royen, piano
Colin Bray, bass
Steve Torrico, drums


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Alex Pangman Toronto, Ontario

Known as "Canada's Sweetheart of Swing", JUNO nominee Alex Pangman sings music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

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