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Alex Pangman Live in Montreal

by Alex Pangman

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Yours, All Yours Sweetheart I'm yours, all yours, Don't want no-one but you. That's right I'm yours, all yours, There's nobody else that will do. All the others hanging around Why they're wasting their time. I'm turning everybody down, The world knows that I'm sincerely, Yours, all yours, Don't want no-one but you.
Sing You Sinners (Coslow/Harling) You sinners drop everything, Let that harmony ring, Up to heaven and sing, Sing you sinners. Just wave your arms all about, Let the Lord hear you shout, Pour that music right out, And Sing you sinners. Wherever there's music that old devil kicks, He don't allow music by the River Styx. Oh you're wicked and you're depraved, And you've all misbehaved. If you wanna' be saved, Sing you sinners!
Serenade in the Night Serenade in the night, 'Neath the fair lady's window, Just the same serenade That I tenderly played On a night long ago. There were stars in the sky, And I sang neath the roses, But she gave not a sign, That she'd ever be mine, So my love story closes. Oh why must the sound wind keep bringing it? Oh why must my heart keep singing it? Serenade in the night, Though the past come to haunt me When I hear that refrain My heart aches again For that lost love of mine.
Through The Courtesy of Love So that everybody will know, That I'm yours wherever you go. Let me offer you this broadcast, Through the courtesy of love. Don't forget whatever you do, I'll be there to follow you through, With a word of consolation, Through the courtesy of love. Now what can there be, Between you and me, Just to keep us apart, When I can sing, A song that will bring, All the words from my heart. Your desire will be my command, If you need me I will be standing by, With one heart to give, One life to live, Willing to offer all, Say, I come to you, Through the courtesy of love!
They Say 05:45
They Say (Heyman/Mann) They say, you have no lips for a fool such as I. They say, you just believe in hello then goodbye. And they say that the one I admire isn't even remotely concerned. And that I'll go on playing with fire, until I have learned, My heart has been burned They say, I shouldn't dream of your face in the moon They say, all of my dreams will be nightmares too soon. Let them talk, let them think what they want to. If it makes them feel happy that way, 'Cause I know, I'll always love you, No matter what they say.
Dinah 06:19
One Night In Monte Carlo The met one night in Monte Carlo Two unhappy lovers in despair The met one night in Monte Carlo They were trying to forget a lover affair. He came across the blue Atlantic And she was from a little town in France They didn't mean to get romantic But still they found a thrill in every glance. Oh it was heavenly to walk about Under the brilliant stars above It was only natural to talk about Romance and that loveless love So they sailed away from Monte Carlo And settled in a little cottage small Oh that night in Monte Carlo Brought a happy ending after all!
Mama's Gone Goodbye Fair the well, Mama's gone good-bye. No use to sigh, Well there ain't to use to cry. For years you dogged me around, And now's the time for me to let you know, What's on my mind, I'm going away, don't ask me to stay! Fair thee well, Mama's been to school, I learned a brand new rule, Now I ain't no fool, I'm gonna get me a man who will treat me right, One who'll stay home every night.
Let Yourself Go (Berlin) Come get together, Let the dance-floor feel your leather Step as lightly as a feather, Let yourself go. Come hit the timber, Loosen up and start to limber Can't you hear that hot marimba, Let yourself go. Let yourself, Relax and let yourself go, Relax, you've got yourself tied up in a knot, The night is cold but the music's hot, So come, cuddle closer, Don't you dare to answer "No Sir!" Butcher, banker, clerk and grocer Let Yourself Go.
After You've Gone (Creamer and Layton) Now won't you listen honey While I say. How can you tell me that you're going away? Don't say that we must part. Don't break my aching heart. You know I loved you dear for many years, Loved you night and day. How can you leave me? Can't you see my tears? Listen while I say.... After you've gone and left me crying, After you've gone there's no denying, You'll feel blue and you'll feel sad. Baby miss the bestest pal you ever had. There'll come a time, now don't forget it. There'll come a time when you'll regret it Someday when you grow lonely. Your heart will break like mine and you'll want me only After you've gone, baby, away. After I'm gone, after we break up, After I'm gone, you're gonna wake up. You will find that you were blind To let somebody come and change your mind. After the years we've been together. Their joy and tears, all sorts of weather. Someday when you grow lonely, Your heart will break like mine, and you'll want me only. After I'm gone, after I'm gone away. You'll miss your red-headed Mamma, after I'm gone.


This 2004 album is a concert of songs from Pangman's first two recordings and showcases her more assured delivery and growth as a singer. Recorded live for an enthusiastic audience in Quebec Canada, this concert captures the fun and essence of a live performance by Canada's Sweetheart of Swing, Alex Pangman & her masterful Alleycats who really strut their stuff here and get to stretch on a couple terrific instrumentals. A great concert!


released January 9, 2004

For Dancers; Beats Per Minutes
110 & 235 BPM Yours All Yours
133 BPM Serenade in the Night
120 BPM Through the Courtesy Of Love
105 BPM They Say
240 BPM Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
145 BPM Dinah
230 BPM One Night In Monte Carlo
135 BPM Mama's Gone Goodbye
225 BPM Let Yourself Go
95 & 230 BPM After You've Gone

Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats
Recorded live in Quebec Canada.
Alex Pangman vocals, leader
Kevin Clark, trumpet
Ross Wooldridge, clarinet and tenor sax, co-producer
Dan Douglas, trombone
Jesse Barksdale, guitar
Peter Hill, piano
Ka Cheong Liu, bass
Chris Lamont, drums


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Alex Pangman Toronto, Ontario

Known as "Canada's Sweetheart of Swing", JUNO nominee Alex Pangman sings music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

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