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Can't Stop Me From Dreaming

by Alex Pangman

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You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming You can stop me from kissing you, You can stop be from cuddling too. You can treat me honey that's all right, But I'll get even with you tonight, 'Cause you can't stop me from dreaming! You can stop me from holding hands, Make me listen to your commands, You can say "No No!" honey that's all right, But I'lll get even with you tonight, 'Cause you can't stop me from dreaming! From one o'clock till nine, I'll dream your mine, I'll steal a kiss, See what you're gonna miss! You can stop me romancing you, 'Cause you're the boss now but we're not through, You can turn me down, honey that's all right, But I'll get even with your tonight, 'Cause you can't stop me from dreaming!
Serenade in the Night Serenade in the night, 'Neath the fair lady's window, Just the same serenade That I tenderly played On a night long ago. There were stars in the sky, And I sang neath the roses, But she gave not a sign, That she'd ever be mine, So my love story closes. Oh why must the sound wind keep bringing it? Oh why must my heart keep singing it? Serenade in the night, Though the past come to haunt me When I hear that refrain My heart aches again For that lost love of mine.
Mama's Gone Goodbye Fair the well, Mama's gone good-bye. No use to sigh, Well there ain't to use to cry. For years you dogged me around, And now's the time for me to let you know, What's on my mind, I'm going away, don't ask me to stay! Fair thee well, Mama's been to school, I learned a brand new rule, Now I ain't no fool, I'm gonna get me a man who will treat me right, One who'll stay home every night.
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love I'm a slave to you, Don't you want the heart I gave to you? You can have me if you wan't me, But you must be mine alone, Give me liberty or give me love. You're so dear to me, I'm in heaven when you're near to me, You can have me if you want me, But you must be mine alone, Give me liberty or give me love. You've been kind of strange, Why the sudden change? Do you want somebody new? I'd be glad to share all your grief and care, But never will I ever share you. I'll be all your own, Yours to have and hold and call your own, You can have me if you wan't me, But you must be mine alone, Give me liberty or give me love.
I Had Someone Else Before I Had You I had someone else before I had you And I'll have someone after you're gone. A streetcar a sweetheart it don't worry me, There'll soon be another one along. You needn't stay, Go any day, I've got a swingin' door right in my heart, And it swings either way. Oh I had someone else before I had you, And I'll have someone after you're gone.
Yours, All Yours Sweetheart I'm yours, all yours, Don't want no-one but you. That's right I'm yours, all yours, There's nobody else that will do. All the others hanging around Why they're wasting their time. I'm turning everybody down, The world knows that I'm sincerely, Yours, all yours, Don't want no-one but you.
It's Unanimous Now Took a walk with baby, Made the grade somehow, Had a talk with baby, It's unanimous now! I was strong for baby, He was, you know how, But he changed his maybe, It's unanimous now! Whoa yes my Daddy and Mother said "okay!" Oh yes my sister and brother yell "hooray!" Got the ring I prayed for, Never mind just how! Though it isn't paid for, It's unanimous now! Who's delighted i'm delighted. Don't I look the part? It's that sweet sweet heart of mine. Couldn't guess me, wouldn't guess me Never would agree But that's all over, Yes siree! He's got a way of petting, That I love somehow. I got a way of lettin' It's unanimous now! And when he gets busy With his lovin', Wow! Do we get busy It's unanimous now! Oh gee and when he receives me on his knee My good behaviour just leaves me by degree! When I wanted low lights, He would not allow. Now we sit with no lights, It's unanimous now! Oh yes the future looks sunny and real good, Oh yes his father has money, so it should! I never thought of marriage, But will take the vow, A little baby carriage, It's unanimous now! It's unanimous now!
Through The Courtesy of Love So that everybody will know, That I'm yours wherever you go. Let me offer you this broadcast, Through the courtesy of love. Don't forget whatever you do, I'll be there to follow you through, With a word of consolation, Through the courtesy of love. Now what can there be, Between you and me, Just to keep us apart, When I can sing, A song that will bring, All the words from my heart. Your desire will be my command, If you need me I will be standing by, With one heart to give, One life to live, Willing to offer all, Say, I come to you, Through the courtesy of love!
After You Said You Were Leaving After you said you were leaving That's when my heart started grieving When you were near there was never a tear But when you said goodbye, A tear was in your eye. After you said you were through dear, That's when the skies all turned blue dear, All my dreams are gone, I know I can't go one, Since you have away.
Prisoner of Love Alone from night to night you'll find me To weak to break the chains that bind I need no shackles to remind me I'm just a prisoner of love. For one command I stand and wait now From one who's master of my fate now I can't escape it's far too late now I'm just a prisoner of love. What's the good of my caring If someone is sharing these arms with me? Although he has another, I can't love another For I'm not free. He's in my dreams awake or sleeping, Upon my knees to him I'm creeping, My very life is in his keeping, I'm just a prisoner of love.
One Night In Monte Carlo The met one night in Monte Carlo Two unhappy lovers in despair The met one night in Monte Carlo They were trying to forget a lover affair. He came across the blue Atlantic And she was from a little town in France They didn't mean to get romantic But still they found a thrill in every glance. Oh it was heavenly to walk about Under the brilliant stars above It was only natural to talk about Romance and that loveless love So they sailed away from Monte Carlo And settled in a little cottage small Oh that night in Monte Carlo Brought a happy ending after all!
Melancholy Lullaby (Pangman) The night was cold and lonely, She heard the owl cry. So she started singing a melancholy lullaby. Broken-hearted memories Have piled up by and by. So she breaks the silence with a plaintive rock-a-bye. So long she'd wandered through this life of toils and strain, If she could only be, but a sweet again. Now that her life is lived, She's seen her chances fly, She rocks herself to sleep and sings a melancholy lullaby.
Concentraitin' on you Seems that I'm going cuckoo, Dizzy as I can be. Since the day we met, I've been all upset, Something happened to me, All I've got I find , Is a one track mind I put my shoes on my head, My hat on my feet, Forgetful the whole day through. I can't think of nothing but love, Concentratin' on you I put my clothes on the bed, Sleep on the seat, Can't figure two and two. Got crazy ways, My mind's in a daze, Concentraitin' on you! I had a perfect memory until you came along. Now since your spell is over me, My brain seems all wrong! Sometimes I stand in my flat Don't know where I'm at. I pay bills before they're due. Got you to thank, My mind's a blank Concentratin' on you
Careless 04:57
Careless Careless, now that you've got me loving you. You're carless, careless in everything you do. You break appointments and think you are smart. If you're not careful, you'll break my heart. Careless, now that my bridges all are burned You're careless, careless of things where I'm concerned. Are you just careless as you seem to be? Or do you just care less for me?
It's All Your Fault Oh it's all your fault that I'm not sleepin' I live on dreams instead of eatin'. I'll just reckin', that it's all your fault. (or alternatively, I'm just a wreck, and it's all your fault.) Oh it's all your fault if I'm not playin'' And having fun, and if I'm stayin' all by myself. It's all your fault. When you said that we were through, I tried to find somebody new, But I found that it wouldn't do, Because I'd rather be alone than with somebody new. And it's all your fault when I'm a Grandma, If my grandkids don't call you Grandpa, I'll just tell them, it's all your fault!


From 2001, this is the second album from Canada's Sweetheart of Swing, Alex Pangman. it comprises 4 sessions, one with a western swing ensemble featuring Peter Ecklund cornet, a return of her International Allstars with Dick Sudhalter and Jeff Healey, a Jazz Manouche track, and the recorded debut of her Canadian group, The Alleycats.


released September 9, 2001

For Dancers, Beats Per Minute
200 BPM You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
120 BPM Serenade in the Night
130 BPM Mama's Gone Goodbye
105 BPM Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Love
225 BPM I Had Someone Else Before I Had You
110 & 225 BPM Yours, All Yours
220 BPM It's Unanimous Now
133 BPM Through the Courtesy of Love
185 BPM After You Said You Were Leaving
80 BPM Prisoner of Love
235 BPM One Night In Monte Carlo
105 BPM Melancholy Lullaby
115 BPM Concentratin' On You
120 BPM Carless
175 BPM It's All Your Fault


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Alex Pangman Toronto, Ontario

Known as "Canada's Sweetheart of Swing", JUNO nominee Alex Pangman sings music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

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